Mortgage Professionals, Inc. offers a unique service where we will create and manage your very own mortgage brokerage for only $395 per closed loan!

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Our Mortgage Broker Management Service is designed to save you time and money as we take care of all the necessary tasks involved in running a mortgage brokerage. Instead of paying a broker to handle your loans, you can have your own brokerage, and we will handle everything from licensing to compliance and operations. By choosing our service, you will have a dedicated team of professionals working for you, allowing you to focus on originating and closing loans.

With our low per-closed-loan fee, you can maximize your earnings and grow your business without worrying about the costs of operating a brokerage. By utilizing our service, loan officers can save valuable time, effort, and money, enabling them to focus on originating and closing loans while we handle the rest.

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Mortgage Broker Management Service

Mortgage Professionals, Inc. provides a comprehensive Mortgage Broker Management Service

for only $395 per closed loan file, which includes the following features and services:

Loan Regulatory Compliance

Review, process, record, file, and report loan applications, funded/closed loans, cancelled, withdrawn & declined loans, company loan log, quarterly call reports, and annual standard financial condition reporting.


Access to full-service brokerage management platform, associate management platform, and secure email with full access to Microsoft Suite of products compliant to Fed/State requirements.

Company Policy

Development and management of the company policy & procedures manual, pre-fund quality control review procedure, quality control plan & procedures, and AML/BSA policy, plan & procedures

Company Licensing

Assistance with company & MLO application processing & filing, renewal processing & filing assistance, and licensing records retention

Human Resources

End-to-end processing for employee hire/change/termination, and Fed/State compliance of employee records retention.

Lender & Vendor Management

Lender and vendor application processing, maintenance, and renewal.


End-to-end setup & training, broker commission records & reporting, full payroll processing of MLO commissions.


Broker check log reporting, accounting setup & reporting services, and financial reporting records retention

State Examinations

Full exam preparation and delivery assistance, post-exam response, and corrective action planning.

Responsible Individual/
R.I. Service

Direct access for all mortgage-related questions or procedures, quarterly file review.

Advertising Compliance

Review, record & file. Business Office Location (Brick-n-Mortar)/Mail Service.

Customer Complaint Processing & Resolution Servicing

Setup Costs

There are no setup costs associated with Mortgage Professionals, Inc.’s Mortgage Broker Management Service. We do not charge for your brokerage setup. The only costs you may incur are related to your company formation and licensing, which are typically available online for your state. Apart from that, most everything else is included in our service platform. As the owner of your company, you have the freedom to decide where to invest your money. Our service is designed to save you time and money, allowing you to focus on your business’s growth and success.

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